Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Step 1 again

Yes, I know...I was a bad boy for not blogging (or doing much work either) yesterday, but I came back with a bang. Since my task for this week was to do what I'd done previously, but using OSGi services instead of extension points, I followed these excellent articles to figure out how to get my task done. The end result: I now have the basic infrastructure for adding and removing service finders. The next step will be to define a convenience library for finding things on a filesystem, and defining extension points so that service consumers can find the discovered services (yeah, still have to do EPs). Here are the latest sources for your browsing pleasure.

By the way, over the weekend I read Sam Harris' The End of Faith: a book that partly tells how religious moderates are endangering the world by tolerating fanatics. I also finished Applied Cryptography, a programmer's introduction to the subject that manages to insert humor into the myriad stories of Alice and Bob and Eve; it was a strangely satisfying read.

P.S. I was motivated to work long and hard today, thanks to a long and interesting night last night at Halo that broke the monotony of a week spent reading and coding. However, I have to ask, Why are so many Atlantans partying on a Monday night?

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Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

How weird, I just finish Harris' book on the plane today. It was definitely an interesting read!

Welcome to the planet.