Monday, June 18, 2007


I had a chat with Scott Lewis on the #eclipse-soc channel at He's one of the developers for ECF Discovery. ECF Discovery aims to (I hope I get this right) provide a high-level API for remote i.e. network based, services to keep aware of each other. Hmm, sounds a lot like the Discovery project I'm working on. My mentors sicced me on ecf.discovery to figure out if we could reuse any of their components, and after talking with Scott Lewis, it seems like we can use a lot of their code. Looks like a fair bit of my code will be going out the window soon...

In other news, I read The Little MLer yesterday and it provided a very easy-to-understand introduction to ML, a programming language family I've been trying to learn for a while now. I still don't fully understand signatures and functors, ML's version of Java interfaces and classes. If I do, ML might just supplant Scheme as my favorite class of languages.

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