Thursday, June 14, 2007


Spent yesterday trying to configure my plug-in so my mentors would be able to run it on their machines. Who would have thought it'd be so hard to get the same program to run exactly the same way on multiple machines when using a "cross platform" language like Java?

Anyway, I'm also reading "Eclipse: building commercial quality plug-ins." I'm just on the third chapter and I've already learnt quite a lot. Most importantly, I found out that Eclipse has a Find in Files feature. I'd always gone round telling people that NetBeans is better than Eclipse because it had Find in Files and Eclipse didn't. Well whaddaya know: Ctrl+H and clicking on the Java tab does just the trick. Granted, its nearly impossible to find but still, its there!


Anonymous said...

There is a search menu with a Java Search entry in the toolbar that is easy to find.

Anonymous said...

Well, after getting familiar with Eclipse, which took me a few days, I still got no idea how to "find in files". Thanks a lot for that useful tip! And it's not easy to find it in Search menu. It should be in Edit menu, like in every other IDE.