Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JREFinder/Injector works, period

I just committed the code that completes (functionally, at least) my JREFinder/Injector pair. The JREFinder checks a number of locations and installs any JREs it finds there. I recently added a polling mechanism to the underlying Discovery plug-in that makes it poll all such "found" JREs and notifies its clients when these JREs no longer exist. JREInjector is one such client, and when it gets the "unfind" event, it uninstalls the JRE that was unfound. Thus, when I run my Eclipse app, I can install multiple JREs and they're automatically add to the JRE Preferences list. Then, I can go and delete or rename the JREs and they're taken off the list...automatically!

For everyone who contributed the locations of their JRE installs, Thank you very very much.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...


It would be nice if maybe you created a quick screencast of how this would work :P

Also, do you have any idea if anyone will inherit the code after the project?

Curtis said...

The debug team (specifically the JDT Debug component) is interested in the code. As long as it works well on all supported platforms and is reasonably robust, we could add it to JDT. I'll look at the code a little more today and you can give me a shout at cwindatt (at) ca.ibm.com.

Curtis said...

Some mind letting me know where I can get the code from? I can't seem to be able to access the SoC CVS.