Monday, July 23, 2007

JREFinder works (almost)

So, at the end of last week, I'd gotten my JRE Injector (the plug-in that injects JREs found by the Finder into Eclipse's preferences page) working. However, when I open the Preferences page and check the list of installed JREs, I only see the last JRE injected. All the others don't show up! Very strange. The good thing is that this week, I'll be putting JREFinder/JREInjector on the back-burner and beginning work on a new project to provide discovery services for. What'll it be? C/C++ Development Tooling? PHPEclipse? I'll let you know once my esteemed mentors give the word.

This past weekend, I participated in the ICFP programming contest. It was *hard* and I only finished writing the first part of the interpreter (DNA->RNA) on Sunday night. I'd used Java and abandoned it, then moved onto PLT Scheme (shooting my productivity up). However, I got screwed by type errors and not being able to debug programs in as fine-grained a manner as in, say, GDB.

So now I'd like to know, are there any statically typed programming languages out there (preferably functional) that have a good IDE (auto-completion is nice), a debugger that allows you to examine variables anywhere along the execution path, and a graphical testing framework (kinda like Eclipse's JUnit)?

P.S. my team name was Ogachyuallincheck and as you'll notice, I wasn't last :-)


Jacek Pospychala said...

prolog had nice

?- trace.

mode. It always urged me to avoid any more errors.

IamRNA([H|T]) :- IamProtein(H),IamRNA(T).
IamRNA([H]) :- IamProtein(H);

big fun :)

jm said...

Aha !! You geek. I found you!!

Alexei Guevara said...

try ruby! as for IDEs go you can use RDT or eclipse's DLTK.