Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First commit

Today I made my first commit to Eclipse. Well, not to the Eclipse code base itself but to the Eclipse incubator project at SourceForge. Version of Eclipse-autoconf is now available to the world at http://eclipse-incub.cvs.sourceforge.net/eclipse-incub/eclipse-autoconf/. All it does for now is pop-up a box that tells you whether you have a JRE installed at one location (the location where the JRE is installed on my computer). Of course the goal is to expand this so it discovers JREs in different places, publishes these locations to some format that the the Java plugins can use, expand the discovery services to other programs apart from the JRE etc. Yup, there's lots of work to be done but I've taken the first step on my thousand mile journey. Hellz Yeah.

By the way, I've been reading quite voraciously lately so I'll be posting each of my conquests as they fall. Last night, I read Simon Singh's "The Code Book". It's a fascinating account of code making and breaking throughout history, and its only whetting my appetite even more for the ICFP this year.

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