Monday, May 28, 2007

Aloha, World.

My name is Oge (or onnadi3 on the and I am participating in Google Summer of Code 2007, in partnership with the Eclipse foundation. My project aims to to design an Eclipse plugin that allows the binaries required by other Eclipse plugins to be automatically located. So, for example, let's say you installed the C++ plugin, my plugin would automatically tell that plugin where to find GCC or Visual C++ or whatever compiler you use so that YOU don't have to. Pretty sweet, eh? I thought so.

Well, I started work today. My goals were to get a "Hello, World" plugin running, put that code up on SourceForge, and then perhaps write some heuristics for finding the Java Runtime Environment on a system. I knocked out part 1 in 10 minutes (heheh), but then figuring out how to create modules in the CVS repository in SourceForge took about an hour and so I ran to one of my mentors, Herr Remy Suen, for help and moved on to part 3. ain't done either but I know how to do it and I'll be on its ass tomorrow. My work day is over now--ends at noon everyday--so I'll soon head out to play the piano and then start practicing for ICFP 2007.

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